091/365 Great crested Grebe

The larger cousin of the Little Grebe (from image 090), image 091, is  a pair of winter plumaged Great Crested Grebes. In full summer plumage they are spectacular looking with their orange fluffy headcrests.  Low level photography and still water is always a bonus!

Great crested Grebe, Podiceps cristatus, Worcestershire.

090/365 Little Grebe

On the theme of low level photography, image 90, is of a Little Grebe, taken from a fishermans platform that was about 12 inches above the water. 

Little Grebe, Tachybaptus ruficollis, West Sussex.

089/365 Coot

I really like trying to get as low as possible so I am at eye level with the subject I’m photographing as it provides a more intimate image.  Image 089 is an image of a Coot where I was almost at water level with the Coot… any lower and my camera would have needed to have been waterproof! The lower you can get the better!

Coot, Fulica atra, Worcestershire.