Black-bellied Storm Petrel dip!

Its my own fault for not getting up earlier this morning as the plan was to go down to Severn Beach in Gloucestershire to see the Leach’s Petrels that had been blown up the estuary due to the gales.  Anyway, come about 10am whilst checking my emails I checked birdguides only to find that a Black-bellied Storm Petrel had been sighted in Gloucestershire and guess where… Severn Beach!! Talk about being gutted.  This individual is the second of this species to grace our shoreline, with the first seen off Sheringham, Norfolk on 10th December 2007.  I spent the rest of the morning and afternoon at Severn Beach, with no sighting of the Petrel unfortunately.  Fortunately though,  I did get a lifer in the form of  a few Leach’s Petrels and to top it off the gathered group got some fantastic views of a Pomarine Skua (photos below).  Oh well.. better luck next time.


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