Image retrieval service now offered.

Over the past few months I’m meeting an ever increasing number of people who can’t get their images off their memory card either through software discrepencies or memory cards being corrupted. 
Images on these cards may be a once in a lifetime trip to the Seychelles on your honeymoon and mean the world to you and your loved one.  Can you imagine what you would feel if you lost these images knowing that you could never re-live those moments again. 
Well… there is a solution to this.  Through my business I’m now offering image retrieval as a service.  As long as you DON’T format the card there is software that can be used to read the code on that memory card.  This code is then translated into images and therefore you can get your images back. 
If you are having problems with accessing images from any memory card, whether it be Compact Flash (CF) Secure Digital (SD), MiniSD, XD, or Multimediacard (MMC) memory cards please get in touch with me through the contact page of my website found here: 
and I will help you retrieve those lost memories.
For any other queries relating to this please get in touch.


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