060/365 Sooty Gull Larus hemprichii

To complete February’s images off, todays image is of a Sooty Gull displaying.  Watching your subjects can often reveal extra action shots that you wouldn’t normally achieve.  Like most gulls when they call, they do something interesting.  Watching this species of gull over a few days, I noticed that whilst calling they would often throw their heads back.  Most of the time they did this out of camera range, but one morning, I managed to get close enough to this individual preening.   It was just a matter of patience and hoping that it would call when it had finished.  I wasn’t dissapointed. 😉

Sooty Gull, Larus hemprichii, Red Sea, Egypt, April, 2009.
Canon 40D with Canon 500mm f/4 L IS lens

3 thoughts on “060/365 Sooty Gull Larus hemprichii

  1. Reminds me of my mum swallowing her many medications. She tosses her head back to get them all down and I tease her about it whenever I get the opportunity. I must show her this wonderful photo.

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