077/365 Snow on the hills

Todays image, no 077, is a wintery scene on the Malvern Hills. I would be interested in what my viewers think of this. I have played around with the contrast and saturation in this image to get more of a moodier image from the original.  The original was very flat and pretty boring and I thought this version was more realistic of what I saw.  Any comments on this would be appreciated.

Snow on the Malvern Hills looking south towards Worcestershire Beacon from North Hill.
Canon 40D with Canon 17-40mm.


3 thoughts on “077/365 Snow on the hills

  1. I like your photo! I like the use of benches or benches in the foreground, with much more in the background. I especially like snow photos…I love snowshoeing and so I especially like snow photos…but the same shot in the spring, when the hills just begin to wake up in green would be a great shot too, I think.

  2. Snow?

    Actually, this storm that is hitting is right now is expected to drop up to 18″ of snow in our San Diego mountains. If we really get that much, the population of the City of San Diego will drop from 1.3 million to about 100,000 while everyone goes to the mountains to play in the snow.

    • We used to live in Oceanside, so I quite agree with your prediction of population loss! The snowmobilers and snowshoers would love to have that much snow in the mountains right now as most of ours is melting in a hurry. This is the time of year I used to really enjoy the La Jolla cliffs!

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