136/365 Goshawk Accipter gentilis

Todays image is another photograph from Hungary and this time is a juvenile female Goshawk.  I knew I had the possibility of photographing this species at the drinking pool but the actual probability was fairly slim. 
These birds are massive, they are extremely powerful and to be in the presence of one was simply awe inspiring.  When it landed I think I stopped breathing, I stopped blinking, I just froze to the spot hoping that it wasn’t alerted to my presence and fly away.  Luckily for me it sat there drinking and bathing for around 45 minutes!
The funniest incident happened whilst I was there.  A hare came bounding along the back of the drinking pool (probably hoping for something to drink) only to come to a very fast halt eye-balling its main predator in the eye at around 2 metres! They stared at each other for about 5 minutes with the Goshawk being ever slightly bemused that the hare would come so close. Luckily for the hare this bird was a juvenile… I think if it was an adult Goshawk it would have been a very different story and I would be showing pictures of a Goshawk with hare as the main course! 😉
A fantastic experience and one I’m never likely to have again.

Goshawk, Accipter gentilis, Pusztaszer, Hungary, June, 2012.
Canon 1d MKIV with Canon 500mm f/4 L IS lens.


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