*NEW* BIrd of Prey workshops

For all those that have missed the previous post, I am running a great day photographing birds of prey at the Barn Owl Centre, Gloucestershire on Sunday 6th October.

Please see my previous post for the details here: BIRD OF PREY WORKSHOPS

If anyone is interested please get in touch with me.

Many thanks



2 thoughts on “*NEW* BIrd of Prey workshops

  1. Hello Ian, We have had a family of flycatchers in our garden for the last fortnight, is that unusual? In the context of hardly any small birds surviving last winter/magpie, crow and wood pigeon onslaughts and all of the building work going on locally, it seems they are very hardy and tough – just so tiny maybe nothing can catch them! They certainly make a lot of noise for such tiny creatures.

    I hope you’re well, thanks for the blog, I enjoy it.


    Sarah Mawditt Dodona Publishing http://www.dodona.uk.net 01684 892038

  2. Hi Ian

    Can you help me please

    We met at a birding evening in Lichfield one evening earlier in the year.

    I am looking to purchase a World Bird species book and asking if you could recommend a suitable book please. I would prefer a paperback rather than hard back. I v tried searching the webb and I m a liitle confused and dont want to waste my money.

    Could you help please

    Many thanks

    A fellow birder



    Date: Sun, 11 Aug 2013 18:07:08 +0000 To: terry.yvonne@hotmail.co.uk

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