214/365 Banana Leaf

Well, five weeks in to the trip in Costa Rica and it has been a very interesting experience to date.  Im now currently sitting on the veranda of the Pedacito de Cielo lodge that overlooks the San Carlos river with the Nicaraguan border just 3 miles away.  I have 10 Iguanas to the right of where Im sitting with a very large amorous male that is shaking his head so much at the females that I’m surprised it hasn’t fallen off yet.  We have just witnessed a Black and White Hawk Eagle take an Orange chinned Parrot and was plucking it on a branch about 20m away.  We have 126 species of bird seen (with about another 10 I have still to identify from blurry photographs).

As I’m feeling quite relaxed I thought I would post an abstract image of a banana leaf that was backlit by the setting sun.

214/365 Banana Leaf

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