216/365 Milky Way

Posted this a few days ago on my Facebook blog here but I wanted to show it here as well.  This is the Milky Way looking south west across the Gulf of Nicoya in Costa Rica.  I knew the stars would be clear here but it was magnificent.  It is so good for observing astronomical objects because across the Gulf of Nicoya is a mountainous areas with trees and hardly any civilisation apart the harbour towns, so minimal light pollution, and then behind that there is absolutely nothing but ocean until you reach Australia!

Canon 5D3 with Canon 17-14mm f/4 L lens.

216/365 Milky Way

207/365 BBC Wildlife Magazine published image

It is great to see one of my images almost full page in the November issue of the BBC Wildlife Magazine! Check it out on page 58.
The image is of a group of Sanderling on a very windswept beach on South Uist, Outer Hebrides taken in September last year.
The current issue is on sale now from all good newsagents. More information on the current issue can be found here:http://www.discoverwildlife.com/issue/november-2013
Here’s the image:

207/365 Sanderling

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196/365 Speckled Wood Parage aegeria

Something a bit different from my usual wildlife images. Whilst out in the garden I saw this particular individual repeatedly landing on this statue after nectaring or chasing other butterflies. On my first observation (without the camera) the butterfly had landed directly in the crease of the statues arm and it looked as if both were looking at each other. On getting my camera it never landed there again! Usually how it goes… but I’m pleased with this image. 

Speckled Wood Pararge aegeria, West-Midlands, August, 2013.
Canon 5DIII with Canon 70-200mm f2.8 L IS II, 1/320sec at f/8.0 at ISO400.

196/365 Speckled Wood

173/365 Black-headed Gull feeding

Whilst down at the coast yesterday I decided to have a short mini project on Black headed Gulls.  I learnt a lot about their feeding behaviour and how to utilise this to gain better photographs.  It was putting the autofocus system of the 5D mk3 to the test and I can honestly say it coped extremely well.  It is certainly a project that I will be continuing. Here is one of the best from the day.  Not perfect but I like the way the water is trickling down from the bird as it rises from the water.

Black-headed Gull, Chroicocephalus ridibundus, Glamorgan, Wales, February, 2013.
Canon 5D mk3 with Canon 500mm f/4 L IS lens.

173/365 Black headed Gull