Article: How to photograph Black Redstart

I have just finished an article on how I photographed a pair of Black Redstarts in a Hungarian garden in June.  Lots of information and details included for those who are interesting in setting something like this up from start to finish.

The pdf can be downloaded by following this link to my website:

How to photograph Black Redstart

Black Redstart

All about Malvern front cover and article

After writing an article on ‘Where to watch Wildlife on the Malvern Hills’ for the All About Malvern Oct/Nov issue it was a nice surprise when it came through my letter box to see the team had used my Ring Ouzel image as the front cover.  The web version is now online and can be viewed at: 
where you can view and enjoy my article on page 18 and of course my front cover! 🙂

First Newsletter!

Hi all

Just to let everyone know I have produced my first company newsletter.  Woohoo! It outlines what I have been photographing in the past few weeks and also what I am up to at present and what I’m planning for the coming weeks.  If anybody wants to be placed on the mailing list or know any friends or colleagues who would like to receive the newsletter then please contact me or send them my details.