New Square Greeting Cards

New greeting cards just sent off for printing including 10 new designs! Will be available to buy from next week. Watch this space!
All greeting cards will be square and 148mm in size.

New designs include (from top left to bottom right):

Yacht at Sunrise
European Bee-eaters
Great Malvern Priory in snow
Mute Swan with cygnets
Poppies and Cornflowers
Robin in snow
Tawny Owl
Whooper Swan in snow

Please contact me if you are interested.

New Greeting Cards

British Birds front cover!

It’s always a great feeling when you see your images in print but even better when they are used as a front cover! The British Birds journal has used my Stonechat image for their May issue.  This is such a great informative journal on all things avian and is a must read for any one with an interest.  For more information on the contents of this issue click here:

Please click on the image to view a larger version.


217/365 Mantled Howler Monkey Alouatta Palliata

Which way is up? 😉

It was great fun watching these Mantled Howler Monkey’s and their babies getting up to all sorts of things in the forest canopy.  Whilst the rest of the group were resting and sleeping, this little baby was more interested in seeing what I was doing.  As I was trying to find the best position to photograph between the branches to get the clearest shot. this individual was trying to find the best position to watch me.. which in the end seemed to be… upside down! 😉

Canon 5D3 with Canon 500mm f/4 L IS lens.

217/365 Howler Monkey