041/365 Kota Kinabalu Sunset

Image 041 is a ‘regular’ sunset from Kota Kinabalu.  Due to Mt Kinabalu dominating the weather systems in Borneo, there is always a lot of cloud about during sun set.  This makes for great images every night of the week. Heres another one of my favourites.

Kota Kinabalu, Borneo, Malaysia, April, 2010.
Canon 1D mkIV with Canon 17-40mm f/4.0 L lens.

040/365 Kota Kinabalu abstract sunset

One for yesterday… 😉

Looking through my images to see what to post next,  I found this one which I completely forgot about taking.  Utilising a slow shutter speed and panning movement, I captured a variety of images using different shutter speeds.  I’ve done this in the past with wide angle lenses such as the 17-40mm or 24-70mm but this one was taken with my 500mm!  It shows you can do landscape photogrpahy with a supertelephoto! This is one of my favourites and has a very soothing quality about it.  Maybe its the smoothness of the scene or just the pastel like colours. I hope you like it as much as I do.

Kota Kinabalu, Borneo, Malaysia, April, 2010.
Canon 1D mkIV with Canon 500mm f/4.0 L IS lens.


039/365 Olive backed Sunbird Cinnyris jugularis

Todays picture, 039, is of a tiny bird species; an Olive backed Sunbird.  These birds feed off the nectar from the flower heads with their long curved bills, perfectly adapted to such a task.

Olive backed Sunbird, Cinnyris jugularis, Sabah, Borneo, Malaysia, April, 2010.
Canon 1d mkIV with Canon 500mm f/4.0 L IS lens.


038/365 Asian Palm Swift Cypsiurus balasiensis

Number 038 is of an Asian Palm Swift.  Distributed over most of Borneo, I found these whizzing around the hotel grounds catching insects.  They are called Palm swifts due to their nesting behaviour.  They will build their nest on the inside of a closed palm leaf, keeping them sheltered from the rain. 

Asian Palm Swift, Cypsiurus balasiensis, Sabah, Borneo, Malaysia, April, 2010.
Canon 1d Mk4 with Canon 70-200mm f/2.8  L IS lens.


037/365 White-breasted Woodswallow, Artamus leucorynchus

Following on the Bornean theme, todays image, #037 is of a White-breasted Woodswallow.  Quite a chunky looking bird, when perched and in flight, these birds were seen most days on our trip.  On this particular morning, I had set out to photograph a tern that had frequented a small bay opposite our hotel.  On returning back to the hotel grounds, this bird was displaying this pose, flicking its wings on regular occasions.  Whether it was displaying to the handful of Woodswallows in the sky, or whether it was telling me off, or whether it was doing this as an aggresive pose to alert others of a potential danger, such as a snake, I don’t know. It made for a nice series of images though.

White-breasted Woodswallow, Artamus leucorynchus, Sabah, Borneo, Malaysia, April, 2010.
Canon 1d MkIV with Canon 500mm f/4.0 L IS lens.

To see more of my images of this bird please click this link here.



Todays image, 019, is of a hoverfly.  With photography, even the most public of places can give you great images.  This was taken at my local public library where there was a real nice display of purple cone head flowers. Although I think this is Syrphus torvus species as its one of the more commoner species of hoverfly I would be open to suggestions. 🙂

Hoverfly Syrphus torvus , Malvern, Worcestershire. August 2010.

Canon 1D mkIV with Canon 100mm f/2.8 macro lens.