117/365 Mute Swan with cygnets

With all of the new ducklings around reservoirs and lakes at the moment I thought I would show this image of a Mute Swan with her cygnets taken in the late afternoon light.

Mute Swan, Cygnus olor, Staffordshire, June, 2010.
Canon 40D with Canon 500mm f/4 L IS.


112/365 Great Crested Grebe

Image 112 was taken when the sun had just dipped below the horizon giving this very peaceful reflected light on the waters surface.  The great crested grebe was an added bonus as it paused momentarily in the reeds.

Great crested Grebe, Podiceps cristatus, Gailey Reservoir, Staffordshire.
Canon 40D with Canon 500mm f/4 L IS lens.


048/365 Mallard reflection

Image 048, is of a drake Mallard coming into land on a very calm piece of water resulting in a great reflection. It isn’t very often that all the elements come together but when they do, you need to be on top of your game and make the most of it.

Mallard, Anas platyrhynchos, Gailey, Staffordshire.
Canon 40D with Canon 500m F/4.0 L IS lens.