Canon Links to Digital Photo Professional and EOS Utility Software


Hi all,

After wasting 15 minutes trying to find the latest downloads to Canon EOS Digital Photo Professional and the EOS Utility I have finally found them so I thought I would post the link here so people can go straight to them if they are searching google and Canon like I was.  The links are through Canon Europe and for a Canon 5D Mk3 but it will work for all your Canon cameras (apart from the 7DII which i will presume they will release an update soon).

Here is the link to the software:

Just choose your operating system and language and all the latest software and updates will magically appear below.

After having a quick look at the DPP software it looks a massive improvement on the old one so I’m looking forward to seeing the details when I get round to having a play.


Article: How to photograph Black Redstart

I have just finished an article on how I photographed a pair of Black Redstarts in a Hungarian garden in June.  Lots of information and details included for those who are interesting in setting something like this up from start to finish.

The pdf can be downloaded by following this link to my website:

How to photograph Black Redstart

Black Redstart

Birding blog!

Happy New Year to you all!

Thought I would kick start the 2011 blog off by sharing a link I found this morning.
There are some very interesting blogs and articles from the photographer Rebecca Nason, (plus her usual very high standard in photography) and also from writers and naturalists like Martin Garner and Susan Myers.
It also covers the latest news in terms of conservation, taxonomical splits, new species and rediscoveries so definately worth checking back on.
I was impressed so I’ve bookmarked it!
Take a look and see for yourself.