Cucumber splash commercial photography

From an early age I think most parents have told their children not to play with their food… I’m glad I’m old enough to break the rules..

Setting the home studio up I had a ‘play’ day where I was testing the limits of my flash duration on my studio lights for future projects.  Throwing objects into a tank of water was a great way of testing the flashes to see if i could freeze the motion of both the falling object and the splashes that they created.  It was lots of fun but not without its’ problems.

If anybody wants to know how to shoot these type of images please drop me a line.

Heres one of my favourites.

…i now just need to find out where I put the goldfish…

Canon 5D Mk3 with Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 L IS II. 1/160s @ f10 at ISO640.


Fossil photography

Hi all.
Its been a long time since I posted on here last as its been an absolutely mad June with work. 
I wish it was fossil photography of the extinct kind; I’ve been trying to increase my knowledge and experience with product photography and photoshop skills that accompany this process. I’ve been playing in the studio today and used my Fossil watch to see what sort of glossy magazine style images I could achieve. I was extremely pleased with this result and I hope you would agree.
Details: Canon 1D MK4, Sigma 150mm f2.8 lens mounted on a Gitzo GT3541XLS tripod. 2x Interfit StellarX 600W lights and various reflectors and stands. Post processing with Adobe Photoshop CS3.

Facemediagroup business cards

A shameless plug to Facemediagroup for the fantastic printing and service from their company.  I’ve used this company twice now and they have never failed to impress me with their level of service and quality of the end product.  I have just received a batch of business cards (see attached pic) that come in boxes of 50.  Perfect for keeping them in your bag or in the car to save them getting dirty or creased and therefore easy to give to potential clients too.  I would definately recommend Facemedia without hesitating and cant wait to use them again! Their website is and the business cards can be found at